How do floating homes float?

A perfect combination of cutting-edge technology and beautifully designed homes. Waterfront Living’s floating homes have been carefully designed in collaboration with some of the best in the marine and park home industries.

The framework

The main framework of the floating structure is made from mild steel which has been hot-dip galvanized. This framework, coupled with the floats, sits underneath the home and below the waterline and is what keeps the home afloat and balanced.

The floats

The floatation units which connect to the framework are formed from EPS70E grade polystyrene blocks. These are coated with a concrete skin which is approximately 25mm thick. Each of these floats is sized independently and is based on the individual home’s weight and layout. Not one float is the same!

The decking

The decking, which can be seen above the waterline, is made from hardwood 145 x 22mm deck boards which are supported on extruded aluminium bearers.
The glass balustrade is then connected and runs around the perimeter of the decking.


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