Waterfront Living was conceived with the aim of creating a waterfront lifestyle that seamlessly blends the serenity of nature with the comforts of modern living. View our history below from the day we brought our idea to life.

Upton Marina Established
Upton Marina

Upton Marina was officially opened in 1975 by Keith J. Webb. Upton Marina has served as the gateway to the River Severn for many decades, establishing itself as the largest marina along this iconic river.

Upton Marina Acquisition

In 2006, Tingdene Marinas Ltd acquired the marina, turning it into a four gold anchor marina. Set within beautiful gardens and benefiting from modern facilities, Upton Marina was the ideal location to set the foundation for Waterfront Living's floating home development.

October 2020
Waterfront Living was incorporated
CGI of Waterfront Living

Waterfront Living was officially incorporated on the 29th October 2020 as a new offering from the Tingdene Group, with a vision to create a truly unique living experience combining our knowledge as operators of residential parks and inland marinas across the UK.

October 2021
Arrival of showhome
Arrival of our prototype
Upton Marina Showhome

In October 2021, we welcomed our inaugural floating home, finding its place on Upton Marina adjacent to the site where Upton Lake was yet to be developed. This stunning floating residence was purposefully designated as a showhome providing prospective customers with a vision of what was to come.

Today, this very home remains gracefully berthed on the marina and is a wonderful opportunity for potential clients to experience the home for themselves before making that big decision. Its allure and charm continue to captivate guests, offering them a unique stay and a glimpse into the innovative and alluring world of floating homes.

November 2021 - January 2022
Development Works
Upton Lake Development - Phase 1
Upton Lake and Marina Drone

In November 2021, after 12 months of intense research, planning and discovery, the transformation of Upton Lake formally begun.

Our contractors worked tirelessly to undertake a small scale dig to the existing lake, while crane pads were prepared, tarmac laid and security implemented.

With Phase 1 now in touching distance, installation of essential infrastructure occurred including delivery of piles, pontoons, switch gear, new sub-station and automated security gates.

June 2022
Berth 1 Arrival
First Floating Home On Upton Lake
Floating Home Installation

Approaching almost two years, we proudly welcomed the installation of our very first floating home on the picturesque Upton Lake.

This milestone marked the beginning of the next stage as we look to welcome our first residential owners as we work towards the completion of 10 floating homes, each thoughtfully designed to be an integral part of Waterfront Living's Upton Lake Phase 1 development.

August 2022
Berth 5 Arrival
Second Floating Home

On the highly-anticipated day of 25th August 2022, our second floating home made its grand arrival, creating pure excitement for its happy new owner, who eagerly looked forward to settling in.
This exceptional home finds itself nestled peacefully at the far end of the pontoon, boasting a prime location that offers tranquillity and breathtaking views.

It was around this time that wildlife began to appear, such as a delightful pair of local swans, elegantly floating on the clear waters of Upton Lake, as if they had chosen this very place to call their own. The presence of such beautiful wildlife added a touch of natural wonder to the already mesmerizing surroundings, making the floating home's location even more enchanting.

November 2022
Berth 10 Arrival
Third Floating Home
Frozen Upton Lake

November 1st 2022 marked the arrival of our third floating home on Berth 10. This installation presented a unique set of challenges, as unpredictable weather conditions tested our team's resilience and expertise.

In early December, nature asserted its presence, Upton Lake experienced its first freeze over since the arrival of our floating homes. Despite this new challenge, our floating homes withstood the elements, all thanks to the implementation of heat traced pipes within the homes and pontoons. This innovative solution not only ensured the warmth and comfort of our residents during the frosty season but also served as a testament to the impeccable craftsmanship and forward-thinking design that defines our floating home development.

December 2022
Berth 6 Arrival
Fourth Floating Home
Upton Lake

In late December 2022, before we closed off a highly successful year, we welcomed the arrival of our fourth floating home at the desirable Berth 6 location.

With this new addition, the vision of Upton Lake began to materialize rapidly, as each unique floating home brought its charm and character to the vibrant community taking shape.

This stunning home is currently available for guests to stay in through Booking.com, providing them with an opportunity to experience the beauty and tranquillity of Upton Lake first-hand.

February 2023
EV Chargers
Installation of EV Charging Points
EV Charging Points

In February 2023, we welcomed the installation of new EV Charging Points at Upton Lake & Marina.

In tune with the times and the growing popularity of electric vehicles, we believe it is essential to offer our residents the convenience and accessibility of EV charging stations right at their doorstep.

This new addition reaffirms our dedication to a more sustainable development and contributes to the reduction of our carbon footprint.

April 2023
Berth 3 Arrival
Fifth Floating Home
Fifth Floating Home

Our fifth floating home was a special one, for it serves as the official halfway milestone in Phase 1 of our Upton Lake development. Its amazing to witness the transformation of our visionary concept into a reality with every new home's arrival, and we couldn't be happier with the progress made.